Pompeii & Capri

Naples is famous because they invented pizza! Delicious, heavenly pizza. Pizza in Naples is unfortunately the only thing worth doing there. With this in mind, we set out to Pompeii and roamed about the ruins in the town, which were largely destroyed due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

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We walked the entire 170 acres of Pompeii and a little area on the outskirts where you can see Mount Vesuvius that is only 8km away. Pompeii, at the time of its destruction, was an area where Romans had there holiday villas.

After a few hours in Pompeii, we were driven back to Naples and decided we still had plenty of time before our cruise departs. We therefore bought a ticket for the boat that takes you to Capri, a beautiful island on the Amalfi Coast.

2014-07-09 15.08.03

The moment we got onto the island, we went and bought our return ticket back to Naples that would get us back in plenty of time before our cruise departs. With the most important part sorted we had a relaxing lunch right on the edge of the water and roamed the pebbled beach.

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As we were heading over to the boat at the time scheduled on our ticket, I realised that it said ‘Sorrento’. I know Sorrento is a fellow island along this coastline, which confused me greatly. After asking around we found out this boat would definitely not take us back to Napoli. This is where our drama begins.

We ran back to the ticket man and told him he sold us the wrong ticket because we wanted to go to Naples. He apologised and said that he will change our ticket for us. We were relieved because it meant we could make the boat leaving in 30 minutes, which would also be the last boat that would get us to Naples in time before the cruise leaves.

Once the ticket was printed however, I realised that the time stated leaving Capri at 17:50 getting to Naples at 19:00. This was heart stopping since the cruise leaves at 19:00 and the next day was our sea day before docking in Greece. We asked the ticket man and he said it was the only ticket available because the earlier boat was sold out.

The guy was friendly enough to point out that we are both girls and that he has no doubt if we smile and ask nicely, that they will let us on the early boat if we explain our situation. So off we went, to try our luck. We waited the full 30 minutes and even had an older gentleman who helps out on the dock asking the owners of the boats. We were both so incredibly stressed and grew increasingly concerned when we saw everyone shaking their head no at letting us on the boat.

In the end we ended up on board, we don’t really know how, just that we thought we were dreaming when we made it back with time to spare. It was such a close call, I’m not even sure I can attempt to explain our stress levels at the time. We really were lucky that we were stuck in Italy, were smiling and acting nice will get you somehow out of a situation. I am pretty sure if the boat was sold out somewhere in Australia we would have never been able to get on board no matter what we did.