Norwegian Spirit

Welcome aboard Norwegian Spirit! Norwegian Cruise Lines, despite the name, is operated by an American company. Our ship was manned by 900 crew members from 60 countries from around the world! Taylor and I made besties with a young guy who mostly manned the Galaxy Bar but we always saw him out and about whether on the pool deck or down in the Stardust Theatre. Tommy was from Latvia and he was our go to friend for any information we needed – even though his answers to our questions were entertainingly always incorrect.

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We discovered our room and were pleasantly surprised at the size. I was concerned prior to our arrival about the room size and the fact that we wouldn’t have a window, but surprisingly everything was excellent! I actually had some of the best sleeps ever with the room being so dark!

The first thing we did after visiting our room was head to the buffet on the top level of the ship. We were starving after 3 days of only fruit and snacks in Barcelona and kind of felt like animals pilling food onto our plates to ravage.

This wasn’t a one-off occurrence. Everyday we would fill up for breakfast and on our way back onto the ship at night after sightseeing, the first place we would go is to dinner. It did save us a lot since the biggest expense I encountered travelling is food supply. Even though we technically paid for the food when paying for the ship, it felt like it was free! There was a 24 hour bistro downstairs and we found ourselves there on a few late nights as well. Their macadamia and white chocolate cookies down in the bistro were sublime! Let’s just say when we disembarked the cruise 12 days later, we were a bit heavier than when we first arrived…

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Washy washy, happy happy, smiley smiley, always.

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Staying on the topic of amazing food, on one of our last nights onboard, there was an organised even called chocoholics buffet! Here I found heaven. The buffet that usually contains a range of dinner food and deserts, now only had different cakes, slices, crepes and snacks made of chocolate! It was so well done and my favourite thing I experienced on this cruise!


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Norwegian Spirit isn’t the grandest ship you will find cruising the Mediterranean Ocean, but the entertainment and activities aboard were more than sufficient to keep us busy and for us to enjoy our down time. Every night there would be a different show in the Stardust Theatre. We watched magic and acrobatics and singing and dancing! My favourite show was a group from Italy and the older man had the best hand shadow show I have ever seen in my life. It is a real shame cameras were not allowed during a performance.

On our final night onboard we had a super show with all the performers participating. At the conclusion our cruise director, Gio, got a sample of each department on stage and we got to clap them a thank-you.

The main bar Galaxy of the Stars, held most of the ‘game shows’ and themed nights like the ‘Greek night’.

There was also a band called Kenosis, which were extremely talented. By extremely talented I mean the male lead sounds like Bruno Mars. Each one of their performances was perfect and they were my favourite thing to listen to every night.

In addition to the Galaxy, there was Maharini’s Lounge & Nightclub, which could be found at the back of the Casino. The atmosphere was great, however on the majority of the nights the music they played was Latin. Maharini’s was also where we came to watch the World Cup Final.

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Our holiday aboard Norwegian Spirit was relaxing and fun, exactly the way a summer should be spent. It was sad to disembark on the final day but nothing can take away from the great time we had visiting amazing cities along the Mediterranean during the day and spending our nights in the middle of it.

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We had the biggest onboard event on our second sea day before disembarking. It was the white party where everyone dressed in white, even the workers, and danced on the top deck around the pool. NCL really goes all out and I’m so glad I got to be on the receiving end of their service.

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