Spanish Culture

There is a really cool bar called the ‘Travel Bar’, which organises really great activities for young travellers in Barcelona. They offer free guided walking tours and each are themed differently so you can discover different corners of the city.

We took advantage of two of the evening activities they offered. My favourite was the Spanish Cooking class. We had about 25 people in our group, most from either England, USA or Australia. On a side note, there are so many Australians littered through the streets of Barcelona, walking through the city is impossible without hearing an Australian accent! It felt just like being at home, especially with the warm weather and beach atmosphere!

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Regardless, the Spanish Cooking class was amazing! We started by following our chef, Fernando, to the La Boqueria Market where we got to look around at all the fresh produce and purchase all the ingredients we were to need to make our Spanish Paella.

As we made it to the cooking school, we sat a different tables and shared Spanish Tapas which we learnt how to prepare ourselves. Fernando also called us into the kitchen to help with the preparation for the Paella. I volunteered to cut the vegetables and also listened in when Fernando showed us how to clean out and prepare all the seafood.



The final result was delicious! I’m not the biggest fan of seafood but I ended up trying everything on my plate including the prawns and I loved it!

2014-07-04 21.35.28

We had a lovely evening and we made many friends. A lovely few girls from England who had just finished studying medicine, a couple from Australia and some guys who were from New York City. I even worked the bar and we all had the opportunity to make our own Sangria from a traditional recipe.



After we finished eating we were taken to a bar where we could continue to mingle and share Sangria. The company was great and somehow at the end of the night we ended up in a ‘secret’, entrance only with membership club. It was quite surreal, tucked into the corner up a set of dark staircases. It was a pretty awesome experience to be honest.

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On our other night out, we went to the Spanish Dancing show organised by the bar. It was quite cool, we felt like we were being very cultural and it was the first time I got to see true Flamenco Dancing.

The night was a success and we ended up having Tapas with a group of girls from the USA we met at the show. We even got to walk along the beach on the way back to our hostel and saw some spontaneous fireworks that sprouted from the water.

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