Here we go again. This time as we departed England for Paris, Shristi and I were very emotional as we were leaving Essex for the final time. We traveled on the over night bus. This time however, we crossed the Chunnel via the barge and not on the underwater train. The barge was really cool it even had a duty free area and canteens. As we walked down the hallways we encountered people asleep all over the place. It was 2AM and therefore justified.





The bus dropped us off at 6:30AM at Charles De Gaulle Airport and we were freezing. It definitely did not feel like summer. Since we did not sleep much on the bus all night, we claimed a bench inside the airport and slept there until Taylor was to arrive from her flight in from Australia at 9:30AM.


After Shristi and I started to freak out because Taylor didn’t come out of the arrivals gate we were waiting at for 40mins, we finally found her wandering the airport terminal.


Together we made our way to our super cute hotel room fit for 2 people. We made it work, being the slim girls we are 😉 and managed to comfortably share 2 single beds. The location was great as we were in very close proximity to the Arc de Triomphe.




All three of us were ridiculously tired but it was only afternoon and we were eager to start exploring Paris. Our afternoon began at the the Sacré-Cœur Basilica which is an absolutely gorgeous church on top of the hill that overlooks Paris. We toured the interior, but photos were prohibited. It was another absolutely stunning church and the outside beauty reflects the indoor experience. The weather was a bit bipolar, raining on and off every so often.





As we walked back down the hill we encountered many tourists kiosks and decided to buy matching berets since we were in France and I guess we just wanted to stand out as tourists even more than we already were.


Not far from the Sacré-Cœur is the Moulin Rouge. Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to see this show on our trip, but Shristi has recently seen it on her previous trip to Paris and describes it as simply incredible!


The best thing about travelling in summer is that the sun goes down so late! It didn’t set until around 10PM when we were in Paris which made sightseeing everything in only a few days perfect. Unfortunately, as we were all running on only a few hours sleep we accidently fell asleep at 8:30PM on our first night and didn’t make it anywhere else. Luckily, this meant we were so refreshed for our first full day of exploring!