Morskie Oko

Last night was supposed to be our final one in Zakopane. Shristi and I still were not ready to leave however, not just because we were enjoying the beauty of Poland, but also because we had been very unorganised and hadn’t booked the next part of our journey. Whoops. We checked into a hotel just up the road that looked amazing, was still cheap, and had an advertisement for even greater spa and pool facilities.


As we had a whole extra day to spend in Zakopane, we were excited to visit Morskie Oko. Morskie Oko means “Eye of the Sea” and is the largest and fourth deepest lake in the Tatra Mountains.



So for the past 2 days we have been dressing up in warm jeans and jumpers and jackets and then ended up sweating and being too hot. This time we thought we would put on some dresses and have a nice relaxing day.




I think we learnt a lot that day. Firstly, we learnt that to get to this lake, you must catch a bus for 20 minutes from Zakopane. This bus only takes you to the entry of the national park. Then from this entry it is a 2 hour hike. We said oh hey no to this! There were horse carriages that could take passengers up. This only took 1 hour in the freezing cold wind. Finally, once you get off the horse carriage you have to walk another 20 minutes until you actually find the lake…………..

There was a great amount of judgement flowing our way that day. While everyone was wearing awesome warm and waterproof trekking outfits, we were in tights and pretty dresses.


There were many times were we nearly just gave up and wanted to just go back, especially around the time it started raining.. But as we got closer and closer we suffered through because we just knew that this would be something very worth while the cold weather.

We were right, the lake is beautiful! Even on a cold and rainy day! And what’s even better our photos are even greater than everyone else’s because we actually look nice 😉 we promised ourselves however, that from now on, even if we are boiling and the weather is 40 degrees, we will carry with us our warm jackets!

The terribleness of our day was soon forgotten however as we made it to the warm hotel, had a home cooked, delicious Polish meal and then spent the next 4 hours in three different saunas, a jacuzzi and swimming pool!