Once Upon a Time

The city of Prague is truly a fairytale land. We actually kept wondering why Disney hasn’t made a story yet based on a Princess in Prague. I read later, that the Old Town Square is well known for the fairytale Gothic spires that rise up from the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn.


We began our last and kind-of-sunny-day at Prague Castle. The castle is located in Hradcany; the castle district.The Royal Gardens had a beautiful range of flowers and would be an excellent place for a picnic.




We entered through the castle gates and headed straight to St Vitus Cathedral. The church was begun in 1344. It used to be that the coronations of Bohemia’s kings were held here. The Archbishop of Prague is now seated here and the Cathedral is now the resting place of some of the countries most famous princes, kings and saints.




We visited the museum that taught us about the history of the land where the castle is placed. We discovered that the name Bohemia comes from the Celtic tribe the Boii. The tribe lived in the now ‘Prague’ around 400 BC!!!


As we continued visiting the grounds and other areas of the castle, we walked through the Golden Lane and found ourselves a typical Czech treat. Simply, it is a sort of bread that is rolled up and dipped in sugar and cinnamon. Delicious.


We took the path leading down from the castle and approached Vltava River where we rested our feet and soaked up the Charles Bridge before us.


Charles Bridge is Prague’s most legendary monument. It was commissioned in 1357 and until 1741, was actually the only link between Old Town and Prague Castle.



As you walk from one end of the bridge to the other, you will encounter thousands of tourists and statues lining the way. These are saintly statues. There were spots of shiny gold on some of these statues as they have been rubbed by many passing people. You are suppose to rub these for luck.


After a light lunch which consisted of soup in a bread bowl! Yes, a bread bowl! We made our way through the cute Havelsky Market which had a range of souvenirs, local fruits, chocolates and other goods.



As the sun was still shinning, we went back to the Old Town Square to take more photos. We made it just in time for the chiming of the Astronomical Clock and the decided to again climb the tower for another view of the beautiful city.


The sunshine makes all the difference. All the photos look more lively and extra beautiful with the sunlight.