The Hague

We caught the train into Den Hag – The Hague – to visit the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. The Hague one of the major cities hosting the United Nations.



Unfortunately for us, all of the parliamentary buildings and the courts are closed on a Monday. We still however managed to snap a picture outside the gates of the Peace Palace.


The Hague is actually a beautiful city. Some people warned that it might be boring, but there was an abundance to see. We cruised through the city until we found ourselves by the boat harbour.


Just past the gates into the port was Scheveningen beach facing the North Sea. The water was absolutely chilly, but we have not seen the ocean up close in so long, and so we had to at least dip our feet.

The day we visited was a little overcast, but I can just imagine how incredible the beach and city would be in the sunshine. The Hague is another destination on my list to return to. If you ever decide to travel there for the purpose of visiting the political and legal districts, make sure you don’t go on a Monday.