Berlin Mitte

Shristi and I boarded a bus in Amsterdam just before midnight and attempted to sleep on it for our 9 hour journey to Berlin. Arriving into a sunny Berlin, where somehow we were lucky enough to check in to the hostel at 10AM, made it much easier to stay awake.


We travelled into the famous Alexanderplatz, under the Radio Tower. The tower is the second tallest in Europe after the one in Russia.


We had a lovely German lunch with a huge mug of cold German beer. I’m not a fan of beer, so unfortunately I could hardly even finish half. I’m sure for beer lovers however, that German beer is delicious!



The water fountain we are photographed with is just a few streets down from Alexanderplatz near the red Town Hall. The fountain is called Nuttenbrosche, colloquially referred to as the ‘whore’s brooch’.


The Berlin Cathedral combines both Baroque and Renaissance elements. Basically that means it is stunning and grand.



You can really only just stare at this masterpiece from the outside. We knew going in that he Cathedral would be beautiful on the inside to mirror it’s exterior, but as we opened the door and stepped inside, we audibly gasped.

I considered not putting up the video of the inside up because it does not show off the intricate beauty and I think it’s best to see it for the first time in person, but I guess I couldn’t resist.

Of course the Cathedral had a viewing platform and of course as always it was well worth the climb. I guess placing a lift in such old buildings would kind of ruin the feeling.




In the late afternoon we got on a one hour river cruise where we both nearly fell asleep on because our exhaustion was finally catching up with us.


After the cruise however, we recovered a little better and continued our exploration of the city. We found our way to Pariser Place. Here is the Brandenburg Gate, which is a national symbol and the countries most important secular building.



And here is my mum visiting in 1977.


Straight down the street you can see the Victory Column. We walked through Tiergarten to get to the monument which commemorates Prussian victories between 1864-1871. I know the panoramic view from the top would be well worth it but we really didn’t have it in us.


Instead we made our way back to the platz and had a lovely dinner by the Dome and river with the sunset. Magical.