This time my journey from England to the rest of Europe was made by bus. The ticket said it would only take 8 hours however, it was more like 12. Nonetheless, the experience was worth it.


We woke at 5AM to catch the train into London and then got on the bus that would take us to the Netherlands. The bus driver let us out just before entering the Chunnel at the French border control. We had a 20 minute timeframe where we went to stretch our legs.


Shristi went to the shop quickly while Amanda and I made our way back to the bus. We got on and immediately the door shut and the bus started to drive away.. We were kind of frozen with shock because we had no idea what to do, there were no options for Shristi, we were literally about to enter onto a one-way-no-turning-back road.


I finally snapped out of it and ran up to the driver to tell him our friend was left back at the bus stop. After pointlessly asking me if my friend knew how to read a watch, and after unnecessarily telling me it would be my fault if we missed the train across.. he turned back at the last second and we found Shristi waiting dumbfounded at the car park.


After spending a longgggg time at border control – we would definitely not have missed the train over – we made our way into a line of vehicles that we’re being placed inside carriages that would later travel under the water by Chunnel. I had no idea that this was how it was done!





We finally made it to Utrecht at 8PM where we freshened up and headed out to a Dutch birthday party. Utrecht is a cute city where we later went out to enjoy the shopping along the gorgeous canals lined with restaurants and cafés.