Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Wesołych Świąt. This year I spent my Easter with family in Poland. It was interesting to see how the holiday is celebrated in Poland after growing up with similar traditions enforced by my parents back home in Australia.

I spent the majority of my time in Góra Puławska where I stayed with my Auntie and Goddaughter.


Góra Puławska is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Puławy. It is located on the edge of the Polish Wisła and on Easter Monday, with wonderful weather, we took a stroll to the rivers edge.



We had to trek through long grass to get to the river, but the difference between trekking through long grass in Poland is that there is no chance a deadly snake will jump out and eat you.


You can see the bridge, which is the one clear thing I remember from visiting when I was a little girl. The bridge is called the Ignacy Moscicki Bridge and was built in 1936. It’s narrow with only one lane of traffic in each direction, making it difficult for trucks to pass each other.


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Easter Sunday was spent with my dad’s side of the family in Łagów. Łagów is a town with a population of approximately 506 people. We enjoyed a Polish feast which lasted all day and into the night. We even managed to whip out some home videos from years ago to watch.




In Łagów there is a small cemetery where I had the opportunity to visit my great-grandmother and great-grandfather from my fathers side. It was interesting to hear about my families background and how they used to live in this area during the war. The cemetery dates back and even still contains a well to provide water for visitors.




I also had the opportunity to visit my maternal grandparents. They reside in Puławy, which is found on the other side of the bridge from Góra Puławska.


I got to wake up with my maternal grandparents on Saturday and attended the blessing of the baskets at mass. Whilst my mothers parents live in Puławy, the rest of my family from that side live near Warsaw. I will also have to visit there one day soon and meet all my cousins, and aunties and uncles that I’ve never met before.


I’ve always only spent Easter with just my brother and my parents back in Australia, but even though they weren’t with me this year, I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend it with my extended family. It’s an indescribable feeling being the granddaughter that attended mass with her grandparents and the niece that hung out with all the cousins at the family gathering.