Bernese Alps

The second Swiss road trip I was fortunate enough to embark on was towards the Bernese Alps, which are located in the western part of the Alps, in Switzerland. They are located in the Bernese Oberland region of the canton of Bern.


Our journey took us to an artificial lake which was half empty when we were there because the water was being used for electricity. The lake will however, be full again in the summer when the melted snow flowing down from the Alps replenishes the lake.


We made a brief stop at a town called Isteltwald. It is a tiny, very quiet (as in we saw about 4 people while we were there) town that is placed on the banks of a beautiful turquoise coloured lake.



When you look at the lake it looks fake. Apparently the minerals from the water in the mountains makes the water the colour you see in the pictures. Unfortunately, the lake is also freezing cold all year round so there is no swimming in the gorgeous water.


Our road trip then continued up another swervy road up some mountains. These roads, especially on the weekends are a hotspot for motorcycle riders. We saw many riding up the hill, completing a u-turn and immediately speeding back down to the bottom.


By lunchtime we made it to Grindewald. Grindewald is well known tourist town that is home to Jungfrau.


There is snow pretty much all year round but again this town had hardly anyone there as peak season is in the winter and then starts again in May for the summer.


As you drive away from Grindewald toward Interlaken there are more incredible sights to see.



What caught my attention on this perfect spring day was the people parachuting off the mountain.

I would like to express that this activity has made its way onto my bucket list.

As a final stop on our journey, Tony surprised me by taking me to the happiest place on earth. No, it wasn’t Disneyland, it was Kambly Biscuit factory. Here, you could try any assortment of biscuit/ chocolate out of the many tins opened for sampling.




Travel Tip 12: Ensure you have an empty stomach before you know you are visiting somewhere with FREE samples!

Song perfectly portrays how I felt at the conclusion of our road trip.