Mount Titlis

Winter snow all year round. Incomprehensible. I have been waiting to see some snow in England ever since I arrived, and finally gave up waiting once warm Spring rolled around. I came to Switzerland however, and after only a one hour drive from Lucerne, we welcomed a town called Engelberg, home of Mount Titlis.



The journey to the top of Mount Titlis comprised of 4 different cable cars taking about 40 minutes in total. The last cable car we took was the Titlis Rotair, a rotating gondola where you get a 360′ panoramic view of the Alps.



From the town at the base of the mountain you can already tell the alpine views will be incredible.



You will however, I am sure, still be awed no matter how many times you see this perfect view.

Mount Titlis is 3,020 metres high and is home to the only accessible glacier in the region. We had the opportunity to walk through the 150 metre glacier cave, which took us 20 metres below the surface.


Mount Titlis also has a cliff walk of 3,041 metres altitude, 500 metres drop and 150 steps long. The views from this spectacular suspension bridge are equally as ridiculous and worth the walk. I guess I’m lucky I’m not afraid of heights or rickety bridges.



The peak has a mountain station which contains shops and restaurants. Tony and I enjoyed a scrumptious cheese soup, while basking in the incredible view we had right next to our table.




Being at the top of the Swiss Alps, might I say without sounding ridiculous, is pretty life changing. I can’t find the words perfect enough to describe the beauty, and the peaceful feeling you experience. It literally just feels like you’re on top of the world.