Rhine Valley

We had 2 train swaps ahead of us to get to our next destination, Frankfurt. The journey on paper looks very straight forward but unfortunately the reality was quite different. We missed 1 train and spent 2 hours longer than anticipated making our journey across to Germany. We had a lovely total of 6 hours on a train.



At the time we didn’t have any access to any internet or GPS service, so we couldn’t track our progress and had no idea where we were. We had quite the view though, as we assumed, and now know for sure that we spent hours cruising through the beautiful Rhine Valley in Germany.

I am not exaggerating when I say that every mountain peak we passed had a castle on the top. It would literally be every few kilometres.


I wish that we could have been extra spontaneous and hopped off at one of the stations by the Rhine River, but we couldn’t even pronounce the name of the stations and we already had a set itinerary.


I appreciate how great this opportunity was. Despite having to be stuck on a train for an entire day, we were blessed by incredible scenery, which, if I was honest, wasn’t even on my future ‘travel destinations’ list. Now Rhine Valley is definitely on my list, and I will be returning first chance I am given.


Travel Tip 11: </strong> >If you have the time and enjoy a bit of exhaustion, opt to travel by train rather than plane within Europe.