Breakfast in Frankfurt was served under Eschenheimer Turm. The tower was erected at the beginning of the fifteenth century and is the most unaltered building in the Frankfurter Neustadt (new town).


Germany has left a great impression on me so far. The Germans go out of the way to assist you, whether it’s offering help with using the metro, general directions or helping to lift your 20kg luggage onto the luggage rack on a packed train.


Amanda and I started to wander the city a little to soak up the atmosphere and see if we could discover the cities hidden treasures.


We made it to the edge of Frankfurt am Main and walked down the boardwalk towards Frankfurt Cathedral.



We stumbled across the Römer. It is a medieval building and one of the city’s most important landmarks. The Römer has been the city hall for 600 years and is dominated by the Lutheran Old St. Nicholas church.



We approached Frankfurt Cathedral, and learnt that it is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.


The tower of the Cathedral can be climbed, so naturally, we paid the gatekeeper to climb a ridiculous amount of stairs because we thought it would be ‘fun’.

The stairwell is made up of 328 very narrow steps. We didn’t think this at the time when we were huffing and puffing, but the view at the top was very worth the climb.




Before the end of our visit in Frankfurt, we managed to visit the main shopping street, Zeil.


This is where I started to focus on my stalking skills a little bit. I zeroed in on the man selling German Bratwurst sausages from his portable BBQ.


It only took a few minutes of deciding before we caved and approached the lovely man providing hungry shoppers with sausages!


I continue to eat my weight in calories on a daily basis, and I continue to not really care.. Well actually that may be a lie, sometimes I care, like when I shop in all the awesome European stores and then go to the fitting room…