Belgian Food

Stepping out onto the street on a late Sunday morning, we were surprised by the whole Main Street shut down and occupied by the Saint Gilles Sunday Market. Roaming about was exciting, seeing hundreds of fruit and vegetable vendors, as well as some clothing and miscellaneous stalls. Walking through, you could hear locals bargaining and sellers promoting their fresh produce in French.



For our breakfast we decided to sample the Waffle Factory. Amanda and I split a savory waffle, which had cheese and herbs and bacon within. It was so incredibly satisfying. We then finished off with our own Belgian Waffle with Nutella and Strawberries. The waffle was so fluffy but also crunchy at the same time. I felt like I was in waffle heaven!



Belgium is also known for their chocolate. Interestingly, unbeknownst to me, the composition of Belgian chocolate has actually been regulated by law since 1884. Many stores produce chocolates by hand, which is time consuming and explains the existence of 2,000 small, chocolatiers found all over the city.




An interesting observation Amanda and I have made, is that every time we passed a restaurant or pub or cafe, everyone sitting down was always drinking and we never saw anyone eating. We personally concluded that it has to do with the French culture, as everyone you see is so skinny even though they have so much delicious food at their fingertips. This observation However, definitely did not prevent our hunger.


The above duck salad was one of the greatest tasting meals so far. I feel quite confident to guarantee, that no matter where you choose to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Brussels, you will be more than satisfied with your meal.

Yes this meal was pure cheese inside a breaded casing.


I definitely understand now how many people who visit Europe return home at least 5kg heavier. The issue here is that I cannot really muster up the courage to care… It is all 100% worth it!