It all begins with a two hour Eurostar train journey from London to Brussels. It is not only incredible how it is possible to hop on a train and end up in another country, but to get there via Chunnel, which is 50.5 kilometres long and up to 75 metres deep underwater.

Brussels is absolutely beautiful. My favourite thing about Brussels is that you are surprised every time you turn a corner. You can get lost in any direction and find a gorgeous building/ statue/ palace each time.




The most grand building Amanda and I bumped into was the Justice Building. Palais de Justice is Belgium’s Supreme Court of Law measuring 20,000 square metres. It was designed by Joseph Poelaert, overlooks Belgium City, and is made up of ginormous marble columns.



We continued our walking tour to end up outside The Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is on the Place des Palais facing the Palais de la Nation, home of the Belgian Parliament, across from the Park of Brussels.


We strolled through a few more streets and bumped into the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. It is a Roman Catholic church and grand on the inside as well as on the outside.





Finally, in the afternoon we managed to reach my favourite place of the day, Grand Place. It is a plaza surrounded by Gothic buildings from the Middle Ages. It is known as Brussels Town Hall.

Despite the many tourists bustling about, it is the perfect place to pause and bask in the Belgium atmosphere.