Alton Towers

A trip to Alton Towers will most definitely make you feel like a little kid again. At least that’s what I experienced. Alton Towers is Britain’s most loved theme park and so as a term-ending treat, my flat mates and I decided to make the 3-hour road trip to Staffordshire.


Equipped with our 2-day pass we made our way into park. Alton Towers at this point had only been open for 4 days! Luckily for us, this meant that the park was relatively empty and there was no need for hours in queues for roller coasters!


The park was much greater in size than Dreamworld and Movie World at home on the Gold Coast. Alton Towers is situated around an old castle, which makes the ‘living in a fairy tale’ dream that little bit more real.



The park has fun for everyone, including smaller rides such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed exhibits and scarier haunted houses, which legitimately scare your pants off.



A must experience in any theme park around the world I’m assuming is the 4D adventure screening, which during our trip was Ice Age themed. These types of attractions are great, especially after just having lunch when you feel you really can’t stomach any loopy, upside down rides.



Speaking of loopy, upside down rides, the Smiler was definitely the winner in the best roller coaster competition. The staff working at this ride, and throughout the park in fact, played the role of creepy ‘smilers’ so well. Waiting in the short queue, you would be frightened by either their distorted smiles or their unexpected scares. I do have a recommendation for this ride however to add to my travel tips.

Travel Tip 10: Do not go on a roller coaster when it is hailing. It will be incredibly painful, like a thousand needles stabbing your face, and there will be nothing you can do about it.