Canterbury is home to the oldest and most famous Christian structures: Canterbury Cathedral. It has been in Canterbury since 597 when St. Augustine baptised the Saxon king Ethelbert. It is 72 meters high and you can see it lurking above the town centre from the outskirts.

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It is a stunning masterpiece from the outside, but you will not expect the extent of the beauty from the inside. I have fortunately had the opportunity to visit a few gorgeous cathedrals throughout my travels, but I have not witnessed one as spectacular as this.

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The ceilings are sky high, the atmosphere is humbling and the underground crypt is mind blowing. I couldn’t decide on a sample of photos to portray the Cathedral, so the following clip is just a little bit of the experience, which again does not convey the actual incredibleness of the experience.

The town is very cute itself. It has small cobblestone streets which are predominantly for pedestrian use, with the exception of a few authorized vehicles and taxi’s. There is a vast array of little stores and coffee shops and the probability of getting lost is very, very high.

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The atmosphere is so relaxing and very ‘English’ to say the least, with the cutest little busker children playing in the centre arena near the entrance to the Cathedral.

There is just so much to do in this quaint town with beauty everywhere you look. You must pay for entrance to the Cathedral, however there are many things to do free of cost. With time left over we managed to visit the free museum on the main street were they were holding a special exhibition about the Execution of Maximilian.

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I don’t believe my next piece of advice should technically be defined as a travel tip per se, but when you come across landmarks or exhibitions or anything at all really with the name of loved ones on it, always take a photo to send back home. Shout out to my brother Maximilian ❤

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