The City of Bath

Bath is definitely a destination where you need more than just one afternoon to explore. It is beautiful, and for a moment when you are amongst the old buildings and the Roman Baths, you forget that you are actually in England and not in some little historical village in Italy. It is vastly different from other towns I have visited in England so far, it is definitely unique and a must see.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is an Anglican parish church and a former Benedictine monastery. It is beautiful on the inside and out. When you walk around on the inside, all you see along the walls and floor are tomb stones with various names and dates of those that have been buried at the site. I found an interesting BBC article about Bath Abbey from last year, that reveals that for over 300 years, it is ‘estimated that up to 6,000 bodies have been “jammed in” to shallow graves under the church’s grave ledger stones’.

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The Roman Baths are also a sight to see. In AD 43 the Romans started the development of ‘Aquae Sulis’ as a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. Seeing the still functioning hot spring kind of blows your mind. It’s a very peaceful place even though there are many tourists bustling about.

Seeing the Great Bath was incredible, even though you can’t obviously take a swim in it yourself. We had a limited amount of time to discover the city, but there is one place I know I will definitely be visiting when I return.


Thermae Bath Spa is Britain’ s only natural thermal spa. After the long day we had, and the cold rain we had to endure, this would have been perfect. Instead, we got back on the bus and drove for 4 hours to get home.