I am not a fan of beer. I know that’s not very Australian of me, but it tastes, and smells, terrible. Upon my arrival in Aylesbury, along with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin, we had lunch at an English Pub and I was introduced to ‘Guinness’. Guinness is a popular Irish beer, so I thought I had to give it a go while I’m abroad. Not being the biggest fan of beer, my Auntie recommended I order it with berry syrup, and well enough it didn’t taste so bad!

2014-02-01 13.14.08

Aylesbury is quaint little town not so far from Oxford. The buildings are cute and colourful and the streets are similar to those I have seen throughout England so far.

2014-02-02 14.40.10

I was introduced to TK Maxx, which is a store for discounted designer clothing. My Auntie is a big fan, and I can see how someone could get lost in such a store. The store is similar to the US TJ Maxx, however there is no such store like it in Australia. Maybe in the future though we will eventually introduce a TL Maxx.

2014-02-02 13.57.28

It’s always great to visit with family, especially prior to heading back to another week at uni. I got to eat as much as I could of yummy Polish breakfast foods.

2014-02-02 12.17.54

I also got to bring back a suitcase of food back with me, including Polish bread, pierogi, cheese and jams! I was introduced to the Polish store which stocks my favourite meat pierogi. I have seen some of these stores lurking in Colchester, so I will surely be doing my next shop there!

2014-02-02 14.39.04