Watermead Lake

The purpose of my adventure to Aylesbury was to visit my family that I do not get the opportunity to see on a regular basis. We had a wonderful weekend and the weather was absolutely perfect! Blue skies and sunshine, which was terribly deceptive because it was still exceptionally cold!
2014-02-02 13.37.36
We visited Watermead Lake in Buckinghamshire, which apparently is notorious for spoilt ducks that are constantly fed by the many children visiting along with great big loaves of bread.
2014-02-02 13.40.24
A search of the lakes website provides that it is best to feed the ducks food available at the pet store, but bread is the most common food used by the many visitors throughout the day.
2014-02-02 13.43.02
There is a cute little courtyard surrounding the opening to the lake where all the ducks congregate. The water levels were quite high due to the recent heavy rains in the area and even though we were not able to tour the lake on the walkway, we still had a great time feeding the birds and playing in the sunshine.

We did visit the lake to pacify my young cousin, but it is an enjoyable area for anyone that loves to be outdoors on a beautiful day. I can already imagine the place busting with many more families enjoying leisurely walks and barbeques when the warmer months arrive.