A Day on Colchester Town

Due to waking up much later than anticipated this Saturday morning, and the not so pleasant weather outside, it was decided that Shristi, Amanda and I stay local this weekend. A 10 minute and ₤3.60 bus ride later we arrived in Colchester Town Centre.

2014-01-25 14.09.33

Previously we have briefly explored the town and managed to discover a cute pub restaurant the locals dub as a hotspot for ‘hangover’ food. True enough, the portions are ridiculous and the price makes everyone happy.

2014-01-11 14.07.37

The Playhouse found on St John’s Street was formally a theatre and currently houses many cardboard cut-outs which stare at you while you inhale your food.


On our brief Saturday afternoon adventure in town, we managed to dismiss three coffee shops before settling on Café Aroma, which can be found on High Street. I am personally in love with Chai Lattes and surprisingly since being in the UK, I have only encountered a handful of locations which serve the delicious beverage. Café Aroma is the one place in town I am certain will satisfy your coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate craving. Highly recommended.

2014-01-25 14.34.50

2014-01-11 11.26.34

Girls being girls, we of course had to explore the outdoor mall in the town centre which caters for shops like Topshop, H&M, River Island and New Look. Certainly in Colchester, almost every retail store has discounts for students. Although it’s not widely advertised, whip out your ID just in case and you could get up to 20% off!

2014-01-25 14.26.13

There is also a handful of ‘Pound stores’, which sell anything and everything not exceeding more than ₤1. We scoured these stores looking for anything at all Australian themed for tonights upcoming Australian Day festivities. There was not even a flag in sight. Instead, we stocked up on green and gold decorations as a substitute, before realising that in the 10 minutes we were in the store the sky decided to drop bucket loads of water and thunder onto Colchester. So along with fellow shopers we waited in the door way until the rain ceased. This seems like common practice to the many residents of town. I guess thats the downside of an outdoor mall.

2014-01-25 16.57.26

This is where my second travel tip comes into place.

Tip 2: If you are in need of an umbrella, for the love of all the rain Gods, do not buy one from a ₤1 store.

2014-01-25 17.00.35