Selfies in Singapore

In Singapore. Alone. That is the only time I personally believe that selfies are okay. Don’t get me wrong, there was a torrent of judgement flowing my way from many tourists during my 2 day stay, but I had zero shame. I was in an incredible city and I was going to document that I did in fact stop there on my way to England.

2014-01-05 11.11.34 2014-01-05 12.42.04

The photo to the left was taken at Suntec City, which I stumbled across on one of my lengthy walks, which did inevitably get me lost. This leads me to the number tip 1 when travelling.

Tip 1: Always make sure you have a map. Or a functioning smartphone.

The following selfie was taken on the edge of the Singapore River surrounding the gorgeous Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum. If there was only one thing that you had to choose to do in Singapore it would be to visit the Skypark at the top of the ‘Singapore Surfboard’. The view is incredible. Now being a student on my way to survive on a set amount of funds for 6 months, I could only watch on as the hotel guests lived out my dream in the Infinity Pool. Just go ahead, take a look. Let me know if you don’t cry a little on the inside:

2014-01-05 19.21.49 2014-01-05 19.20.48

On my first day in Singapore I made my round on the Singapore Flyer. It’s another great way to see the city from above. If you are however, a little more self-conscious when it comes to selfies, I would not recommend this as one of your potential ‘selfie locations’. The big capsules can hold up to 28 people. In my case there were about 4 different families and couples in there with me. But when they start staring at you, who cares? The chance of ever seeing these people again, ever, is so small. #YOLO right? Here is my selfie. You’re welcome…


I have actually stumbled across selfies from a Canadian photographer who essentially puts all my shots to shame. They are not taken in Singapore but I’m sure an exception can be made for these.

If you do ever find yourself travelling alone and want to document the fact you were in an incredible city, yet you also don’t want to look like me in the above photos, there is always the self-timer option. Just make sure it’s set to 10 seconds.


I bet you wouldn’t have even guessed.