And it Begins..

Three years into deciding if I should take the plunge and study abroad for six months and here I am, on the opposite side of the world in freezing, by Australian standards, weather. Leading up to my adventure I barely had time to really think about how my life would pan out in the Northern Hemisphere. In the lead up I worked long weeks at three different jobs, praying I would miraculously pass my last few exams at my home university, and of course trying to pack my entire life into only 30kg of luggage. After unsuccessfully avoiding the waterfall of tears that fell saying goodbye to family and friends, I farewelled Australia and currently find myself in the beautiful town of Colchester in Essex, England.


For the next few months of my life I will be living, breathing, eating everything Essex. Living in student accommodation is a radical change in itself. I went from living with one person to sharing a flat with 12 other students. Might I say there is never a shortage of entertainment or much time for sleep here.


The University of Essex has a breathtaking campus set on 200 acres of parkland and is a town of its own with restaurants, banks, bars, clubs and even a post office.

2014-01-08 12.54.05

After a rocky start coming to terms with wonderfully typical ‘English’, *cough* ‘prison like accommodation’, after just one week, might I say I have fallen in love and I’m already too happy to call this place my second home.